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Gorenshtein Chess Academy

Let's learn and enjoy every moment!

A map of the world is depicted, which shows the countries from which we studied chess. The map shows 27 countries.

Over the course of six years, our school has become a chess home for more than 200 students from 27 countries on our planet, providing online training in Russian and English.

Philosophy of our lessons

Chess is an exciting game where the same goals can be achieved in many ways. Therefore, we only practice for pleasure, choosing the method that suits you!

Our team:

A trial lesson is always free. All that remains is to choose: “With whom?”


The cost of lessons may vary depending on the teacher you choose, the lesson package and your level. Rates from $21 for an individual lesson. We also offer group lessons after determining your playing level.

We give each new student a free trial lesson so that you can get to know the teacher, assess your level and determine your learning goals. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about our approach to teaching and the tools we use in the process.

Trial lesson

Free - 45 minutes

Individual lesson

from 21$ - 55 minutes

Group classes

from 18$ - 55 minutes


Why chess?

Chess is the leader in useful professional developments! Your child will not only improve his school performance and reduce the time spent playing computer games, but will also actively develop his mental abilities.

chess improves memory


Memorizing moves and positions on the board helps develop short-term and long-term memory.

Chess improves creative skills

Creative thinking

Chess has a place for non-standard and original solutions, which helps develop creative thinking and the ability to see alternative ways to achieve a goal.

Chess improves a person's strategic skills

Strategic Thinking

Chess requires developing plans several steps ahead and adapting to strategic changes.

Chess improves concentration and teaches you to focus on thought


Chess requires deep concentration on the game, which improves the ability to focus on a task.

chess teaches us to analyze

Cognitive skills

Chess requires strategic thinking, analysis and planning, which teaches us how to make decisions.

Chess is a great brain trainer

Prevention of brain diseases

It's hard to find a better way to keep your brain in good shape by creating new neural connections.

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