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Who am I?

My name is Surena and I am a professional chess player and coach! I am a female Fide master since 2017 and a certified child psychologist.

My love for chess and psychology are ideally combined, which affects the results of my students. Not only are we progressing in chess, but we are also having a great time.

My history

I learned to play chess at the age of 5 thanks to my grandfather. I graduated from the master's program in 2023 and have a psychological and pedagogical education. Chess and psychology are what I like to do, they have become my way of life. When working with people, I strive to bring out the inner qualities of each person, contributing to the development of their intuition, fortitude and critical thinking.

When teaching children, my goal is not only to impart knowledge about chess, but also to help them become healthy and kind people through this experience. It inspires me to see how students, regardless of age, develop and begin to perceive chess in a new light, and I am glad that each of them finds their own meaning in it.


Main achievements: 🏅

— Champion of Buryatia.

— Champion of the Siberian Federal District

— Finalist of the Russian Championship, the highest league among women 2016, 2017

— Prize-winner of the open tournament in Mongolia 2023

The classes cover the following sections:

Basic learning through play

— Debut repertoire

— Tactical developments

— Strategic developments

— Psychological preparation

— Training to prepare for specific opponents

— Training in batch analysis

— Live hacks during games, during the tournament

— Chess etiquette


🌍 I live in the time zone of Singapore, Irkutsk (UTC +8).

I am in touch

I'm always looking for new students. If you want to sign up for a free trial lesson, you know what to do!

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