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Useful materials

Explore a treasure trove of knowledge with useful information from Gorenshtein Chess Academy video lessons. Get access to exclusive tips and strategies from experts to improve your game and achieve new heights in chess.



Diagnosis of your skills in 1 minute

In this video series, we will evaluate your tactical chess skills and offer tips on how to improve them in just one minute.


8 traps against beginners

We have selected eight of the most common opening traps aimed at beginners. You will get a chance to not only watch these videos but also keep all the tricks for yourself.

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7 Traps in the Smith-Morra Gambit

7 great moves in my favorite gambit, effective against opponents with a rating of up to 2000.


6 Traps in the Rousseau Gambit

6 cunning tricks in an underrated but extremely cunning gambit that are impossible to figure out without help.

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