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Diagnose your skills in 1 minute

In these videos, you will be given two problems on specific topics that you need to solve in 10 seconds. If you find the problems challenging, we will provide you with resources to practice these topics.

Topic #1: Boden's Checkmate

Two attacking bishops on intersecting diagonals checkmate a king shielded by friendly pieces.

Topic #2: Hookmate

A check placed by a knight, in which the checkmated king cannot move because he is surrounded (or strangled) by his pieces.

Topic No. 3: Checkmate Anastasia

A knight and rook or queen combine to trap the opponent's king between the side of the board and a friendly piece.

Topic #4: Arabian mate

The knight and rook combine to trap the opponent's king into the corner of the board.

Topic #5: Dovetail

The queen checkmates the adjacent king, whose only two retreat squares are blocked by friendly pieces.

Topic No. 6

We'll add it soon.

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